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Delo Grease ESI

Delo® Grease ESI® is a technically advanced, extended service interval wheel bearing, chassis and kingpin grease for a wide variety of on-road and off-road applications.
Available in NLGI grade 2

Commercial Manufacturing

Always confirm that the product selected is consistent with the original equipment manufacturer's recommendation for the equipment operating conditions and customer's maintenance practices.

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Consumer Benefits

Delo Grease ESI delivers value through:

  • Extended Service Protection to 30,000+miles (or equivalent hours)
  • Extreme pressure high load carrying capacity
  • Excellent corrosion and wear protection
  • Excellent water resistance
  • Excellent high temperature stability
  • Superb low temperature pumpability

Delo Grease ESI is a technically advanced, extended service premium grease for a wide variety of on-highway and light duty off-road applications.

It is formulated with highly refined base stocks, a lithium complex thickener, rust and oxidation inhibitors, and extreme pressure and tackiness additives. Delo Grease ESI is red in color with a tacky texture, and is an NLGI 2 consistency grade.