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Delo Trans ESI SAE 40

Delo® Trans ESI® is a premium grade transmission fluid recommended for use in Heavy Duty Manual Transmissions, such as those manufactured by Eaton and Meritor.

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Consumer Benefits

Delo Trans ESI delivers value through:

  • Minimal wear — Delo Trans ESI is formulated to offer excellent antiwear properties. It promotes long life for gears, bearings, and seals.
  • Optimal lubricant life — The outstanding thermal and oxidation stability characteristics of Delo Trans ESI have the potential to increase drain intervals four to eight times longer than for conventional mineral-based transmission lubricants.
  • Potential fuel savings — The low friction properties of this product contribute to minimal energy consumption and low operating temperatures.

Delo Trans ESI is a premium grade, heavy duty truck manual transmission fluid.

It is formulated with ISOSYN® Technology and compounded with a unique extreme pressure additive utilizing an inorganic borate compound. It also contains oxidation, corrosion, rust, and foam inhibitors.


Delo® Trans ESI® is recommended for use in heavy duty manual transmissions, such as those manufactured by Eaton and Meritor. Its exceptional thermal and oxidation stability, and antiwear performance promote long transmission life and optimal drain intervals.